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10 Action Tips to Manifest Your DreamsBy

10 Action Tips to Manifest Your DreamsBy Annette Colby
Are you disappointed, discouraged and discontented with your present level of success? Are you secretly dissatisfied with your present situation? Do you want more abundance, inner peace, joy or happiness? Do you want improved health, a lighter body, or an end to a food obsession or addiction?
Yes, you can have what you want! Of course you can. But accomplishing your dreams and creating change is difficult. Despite this fact, at certain times in our lives, we dare to dream of a bigger life. Courageously we bring an inner desire up into ourselves and feel the magnificence of a greater life. Excitement begins to bubble, our hearts open as we anticipate new possibilities. Using all available skills and tools we set forth in the achievement of this new dream. All too soon, the inevitable occurs: our bubble is burst. Reality hits us between the eyes and tells us we cannot have what we want.
This is exactly what happens when we dare to venture into new dreams. Why? Because a dream is something we have never had before. It is an imagined reality, a fantasy, a made-up pretend world never before experienced by us. We dare ourselves to discover if we are capable of creating new beliefs and a new world. The risk and fear is that since we do not currently have what we want, therefore we are incapable, unworthy, undeserving or not allowed to have more in the future. The soul purpose of dreams is to create new beliefs about ourselves and uncover strengths we did not know we possessed. To get through the challenges of the journey, the following steps can ease the way:
1) Acceptance. Acceptance is simply recognition. Recognition is vitally important, because to recognize what doesn’t feel good makes it so much easier to look around and wonder what might feel better. Acceptance is an agreement to appreciate, validate, accept and support who we are at this very moment, even though there are aspects we would wish to change. We face reality head-on without judgement — opening our eyes to explore the full, and sometimes messy, truth of what exists in our world without using illusions to pretend otherwise. We stop attempting to lay our problem on someone else’s shoulders. We realize no one outside of ourselves will wave a magic wand and dissolve the problem. We also stop blaming ourselves. What we cannot accept, we cannot love. What we cannot love we cannot release.
2) Dream from the Heart. Visualizing new outcomes is the ability to "see ourselves as we want to be, not as we currently are." This involves going inside, sorting through some ideas and deciding which dreams, which desires, which outcomes feel exciting. Then instead of playing victim, blaming others, or dwelling on the worry or anxiety of what we don’t want in our lives, we teach ourselves to create an exciting partnership with something important to us. To succeed we must first dream! Dreams give our lives purpose, direction and meaning. What has been placed on the back burner that can now be brought forward? What ideas awaken passion, creativity, intuition, and gut feelings?
3) Excitement Excitement is the power necessary to magnify love, expand spirit and manifest dreams. We are powerful beyond our current beliefs. Dreams help lift us out of current life situations, and guide us down a new path, showing us just how powerful, excited and alive we can actually become. Excitement is not a logical concept but a physical feeling. Excitement is the kind of internal love that says, "Yes! This is a good idea, a fun idea. I’ll spend more time with this idea." As we excitedly play with imagined outcomes, we feel good once again. Feeling good makes us glad to be alive. Feeling good connects us with new potentials, new possibilities and new opportunities.
4) Imagination Imagination isn’t simply a visual picture of what is wanted. It is a full body experience. Take the time each day to sit and internally create and celebrate a whole new world. We have the ability to pull up exciting ideas and share love, joy and life with ourselves. The feeling good doesn’t arrive in an UPS package later in time once the desire is obtained. The feeling good comes now as we allow ourselves to feel good because of our vision. Picture how happy we are living the dream, envision the details of this new expression of self, feel the exciting emotions of having what is wanted in exactly the way it is wanted.
5) Decide Decide to achieve the dream. This may seem basic but many people never decide and commit fully to their dream. They simply keep "thinking" about it. Or as the first obstacle appears they give up. Make a commitment to self that this is what is wanted. Obstacles, many of them, are going to arise. Failures and setbacks will occur. Deciding to succeed helps us develop an internal leader who will carry the vision through the good times and the rough times. An internal leader who can remember the big picture no matter what is going on in the present moment. How and when we reach our destination is entirely flexible, but reaching the destination is no longer up for debate.
6) Take Action For a dream to come true of course we have to take action! Decide where you are now, and what seems like the right place to begin. Action means starting at the right place at the right time. Begin by choosing the smallest, most achievable, or most exciting, steps that will create movement toward the desired outcome. Why the smallest steps? First, success builds on success. Secondly, huge, dramatic life-changing solutions rarely work. Instead, major changes are a result of a series of small steps which are taken, successfully completed, acknowledged and then celebrated.
7) Expectation Believe in the outcome of the dream. We may have no idea how to get what is wanted, but it is essential that we believe, ultimately, we will have what is wanted. The first steps are acknowledging the dream, being excited by the dream, developing a committed relationship with the dream and believing we are worthy of having it. Use affirmations, pictures, positive thinking, motivational tapes, prayer, self-love, visualization and whatever it takes, to reaffirm this dream and the belief we can have what we want. It’s okay to have fear. Fear often means we are headed in the right direction. The fear signals that this is something that is wanted. It’s just that we don’t know how to get what we want, so fear pops up to stop us from risking failure. Acknowledge fear as part of the journey and don’t let it sway expectation.
8) Responsibility Feeling good, being excited about being alive involves taking responsibility for our lives and for our choices. Excitement is a choice. To increase how much is experienced involves reaching within and searching for ideas that feel good and inspire. Only we can decide if our dreams are important enough to overcome any adversity we may have faced in life. Excitement is the fire that fuels new potentials. If we cannot bring peace and excitement to our own internal desires, to our own body, what chance do we have of bringing peace into the world around us?
9) Acknowledge Keep a check list of all the successful, wonderful things done in a day. Chart all achievements and efforts, big and small. Without a tracking process, we can’t see how far we’ve come. And if we can’t see our efforts, we’re more likely to quit. Celebrate often. If the celebration is postponed until the end of the journey, we miss the entire soul purpose of having the dream. Which is of course to feel better, more alive and excited in the present moment.
10) Enjoy Creating our dream will require much effort, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to get what is wanted. Fall in love with the journey itself — not just the outcome. Fall in love with yourself for having a dream. Self-love is a consuming passion for our own happiness. It is a choice we make to be excited by focusing attention on abundance, peace and beautiful outcomes. Joy is available when we decide we are important. It is not based on any accomplishment and not awarded in some magical moment when someone gives permission for us to feel good. Love and joy are available as we connect with dreams, flow with empowering thoughts, and decide it is all right to develop an exciting, sensuous and enticing partnership with ourselves.
Helping people let go of self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors has been the life work of Dr. Annette Colby. Her fascination with the power of the mind, emotions, spirituality, and physicality has led her to become a leader in the field of personal growth and consciousness. She is a valued counselor, and an inspiring teacher, as well as an independent writer, mentor, and guide. She is a highly sought-after trainer with a unique ability to inform and inspire individuals to open their hearts, love more openly, and pursue their dreams.
Dr. Annette Colby, RDNutrition Therapist & Master Energy Therapist
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How to be Successful

How to be Successful - the Secrets of Power, Success, and Happiness RevealedBy Matthew Hansen
What do you want?
The first step of success is deciding exactly what you want in life. Do you want to own your own car, home, or business? Do you want financial freedom? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 25 years?
This is where goal setting and quality questions come in. You must ask yourself those questions, and write down exactly what you want. A very small percentage of people actually write their goals down on paper. If you do this, then you are already one step ahead of the pack, and more importantly MUCH MORE likely to achieve your goals and dreams.
Now rank your goals into order of importance, and realism, for example you won't be able to lift an elephant with your little finger! Also group your goals into 3 main categories - short term (one month), mid term (one year), and long term (one decade). Read and update your goals list regularly and keep them fresh on your mind.
How are you going to get it?
The next step to success is deciding what is the price you are willing to pay to achieve your goals. Forming your action plan is like driving to the destination of your dreams and goals. You must act every day towards the achievement of your goals, no matter how minute the task is, it will still bring you one step closer to reaching your goal.
Research will be required to achieve your goal. How have other people achieved your goal? Which actions will bring me closer to my goal? Remember it is more important to work smarter than harder.
Make sure your goals are achievable, realistic, and measurable. If you spend one hour each day towards achieving your goal this will soon become a habit and you will rapidly be on your way to success.
The power of thought
Let's suppose you are in a bad mood and feeling negative. At that particular moment in time your personal vibration, the energy of your thoughts and words are in a lower frequency. Let's call this particular mood "Frequency F".
Now somewhere in a different location there is another negative experience. Maybe someone loses something precious, and there happens to be an "F" frequency. By virtue of the law of attraction, you will begin attracting that or some other undesirable experience to you. The universe works on a specific set of principals, and like attracts like, whether we believe it or not.
The good news is the opposite is true. For example if you are feeling great, having invested time acting towards your goals and taking care to monitor your thoughts, intentions, and your internal and external dialog, you are now entering a high energy vibration and are in a place to attract other high vibrations, generally things you want to have in your life.
I'm not asking you to accept this blindly only that you begin to observe the world around you and see if this holds true for you.
Further research the power of thought, and Especially read "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill and watch the movie "What the Bleep do we know?"
How to stay motivated
There are only three reasons that can keep you focused on a goal:
1. If there is some reward/benefits tied to success that you truly and intensely desire.
2. If you will lose something valuable for failing.
3. If you enjoy doing it.
-Keep your attention on your goals.
-Read your goals list every day.
-Do something small from your list first thing in the morning - start your day with achievement.
-Be prepared for setbacks.
-Believe in your ability to succeed.
-Vividly imagine that you have already achieved a particular goal.
How to stay energised
-Healthy exercise
-Healthy weight
-Regular exercise
-Fresh air
-Day light
-Change of scene (walk around the block, holiday etc.)
-Find a new interest or hobby
-Breathe deeply
-Stop being negative
-Sleep well (keep a regular sleeping pattern)
Traits of the successful
-All successful people have Passion, Persistence, and Vision.
-Constantly improve your Emotional Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Physical Intelligence, Time management, and IQ.
-Make constant daily improvement with personal development your goal.
Genius Traits
1. A systematic and orderly approach to problem solving.
2. Sense of wonder, with a fresh, open, and almost child like perspective on all subjects.
3. High intensity concentration & focus abilities.
Matt D. Hansen has become an expert veteran in the subjects of Internet Marketing and Home Business. He is the creator of 10 ways to make money online - his site and blog are dedicated to helping people make a living on the internet.
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Who wants to be successful?
The first step of success is deciding exactly what you want in life. Do you want to own your own car, home, or business? Do you want financial freedom? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 25 years?